UHMPE Rope repair and protection

UHMPE rope protection sleeves

An excellent low-cost and effective way to protect your UHMPE ropes

To protect UHMPE ropes against abrasive (bits, chocks, etc..), Unijacket webbing pad is the best solution. PES rope, firmly stitched on the sleeve guard, is used for  good fit on the rope and  quick & easy installation and removal.

Colors: Orange
Standard length: 3m


UHMPE rope repair kit

UHMPE ropes usually supplied with a braided protection jacked. Jacked get worn, costly in replacement and time consume. We has developed UNIJACKET UHMPE/HMPE ROPE JACKEDT REPAIR KIT. Easy and quick repair solution for UHMPE/HMPE jacked ropes.

Each set consist: