FRP Gratings

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

FRP grating needed for flooring, walkway and deck areas in corrosive environment for superior load beaning and corrosion resistance. Moulded gratings meet the highest international standards. Produced from carefully selected resin system, designed to deliver many years of reliable service, outperforming the traditional materials they replace. FRP grating are lightweight, easy to install, acceptance in many major industries has made them the first choice over steel, not only for their performance, comparable with steel at the installed cost stage, their low maintenance and long life means a significantly lower life cycle cost than that of steel



Product H, mm Mesh, mm RIB Th, mm Open Area, % Panel Size, mm
38 x (38×38) 38 38 x 38 7-5 68 967 x 2967

1220 x 3660

Certificates: Approved according to IMO MSC.1/Circ 1504 05/06/15 by RMRS. Cert Nr. 17.10079.269


Fixing Sets

Easy to assemble without any special tool. A pultruded GRP angles can be used as a frame for all GRP gratings. St.steel fixing sets can be used for all standard GRP gratings and support constructions. To prevent GRP gratings perfectly against lifting and sliding away each panel should be fixed on at least four points.