Brake lining

A woven non-asbestos lining. The Non-asbestos woven brake lining is specially designed & manufactured to suit applications marine & industrial applications. Made 

of heat-resisting organic fiber and fine brass wire, impregnated with special resin binder. The carcass consists of brass wire inserted yarns containing a mixture of organic and inorganic fibers.. Long slow curing with alternate rolling and compressing and a final high temperature step cure bonds the material into an extremely dense and strong product with an excellent frictio
n and wear characteristics.

Woven Friction Material Use:

For band brakes and band clutch service, both wet or dry. Also general use where high friction lining is required. Material is flexible and may be formed to radius cold . May be used on steel or cast iron drums.

Woven with fine brass wire inserts Marine equipment such as anchor windlass and hoist
Reasonably flexible and can be bent to contact brake shoes or bands/drums Available in yellow-brown color
Recommended for heavy duty application due its tensile strength and longer durability Width, max 50-240mm

Thickness 10, 12, 15mm

High oil and heat resistance Length per roll: 10mtr

Data of woven non-asbestos lining

Temperature oC Friction coefficient Wear rate (cm3/N.m)
100 ~0,40 ~ 0,65 ˂0,3 x 10 -7
150 ~0,40 ~ 0,65 ˂0,47 x 10 -7
200 ~0,30 ~ 0,60 ˂0,7 x 10 -7