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Painting equipment

From our stock we are ready to supply airless painting equipment for your good vsls


Today, 05/03/2018 UHMWPE rope Daim 48mm for Riga port Tug company arrival to our warehouse. Also, supply pennant UHMWPE ropes Diam 40mm with 15 mtr lenght. All ropes are jacked.



Protect your crew, your ship and valuable cargo from pirates
Ship hijackings, robberies, and ransom demands by pirates account for untold damages each year. Piracy plagues the maritime industry around the globe. In order to help insure the safety of the ship, its crew and cargo we offer anti-piracy products
You can protect your vessel by extend razor wire around your vessel boarders.
Barbed Tape Concertina wire was developed to replace standard barbed wire, to deter, obstruct and protect.
Our wire consists of a steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and spear – like barbs at close intervals. Heavy
duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters 900mm

Thickness of blade : 15mm+/-1mm
Blade pitch : 36mm+/-1mm
Main wire, Galvanized coating weight : 140 – 180 grams par m2
RAZOR BLADE, Galvanized coating wt : 30 – 50 grams par m2
Main wire, tensile strength : 140kgs/m2 density
Length of Roll, when unrolled : 15 meters
Weight of roll : abt 15 kgs +/- 1kg
Diameter of roll : 900mm
Protect your crew and vsl’s against pirate’s attacks.